Air quality and purity are particularly significant in the circumstances that can directly affect human health. Therefore, clean area air conditioning is one of the most demanding types of air conditioning and it involves hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmaceutical, food and data centers.

Construction of the Hg-Series hygienic air handling units, manufactured by Soko, allows access to all the elements, enabling their cleaning and disinfection. Internal surfaces of the air handling units are smooth and made of plasticized galvanised metal sheets and (or) stainless steel sheets (inox), with all connections being waterproof. They are manufactured for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Standard air filtration goes to F9, but we also install absolute filters E10 to H14, UV lamps and bipolar ionizers on request.

They are manufactured in accordance with the following standards: DIN1946, EN 1886, En 13053.

The multilingual software AirCalc++ is used for selection and calculation.