With their application software, controllers secure reliable system operation, minimum energy consumption, achieve planned system parameters and are connectible to the central surveillance and management system (BMS).

The air handling units that we offer are fully automated for system management in accordance with the adequate application diagram.

Management system consists of a digital freely programmable controller, field automation and electric cabinet housing the controller and other electrical equipment.

To manage the operation of its air handling units, Soko Inžinjering uses the following controllers:

  • FAC/FEC Series – Johnson Controls controllers
  • PCO Series Carel controllers

On request, we also use controllers produced by other manufacturers, namely Siemens, Sauter…

Basic functions of the application software installed on the controllers fall into one of the following categories:

  • Regulation functions
  • Control and monitoring functions
  • Protection functions

Controllers managing the air handling unit operation are readily integrated into the BMS system by way of open standard protocols (BACnet, LonWorks or ModBus).