SOKO INZINJERING company was formed in 1992. as a part of the company Soko in Mostar. Soko in Mostar was a manufacturing holding company with many different factories and many technical staff who had worked with many scientific institutions (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Mostar … Military – Technical Institute in Belgrade, …), acquiring fresh knowledge through practice.

Strong technical, economic and management base has led to the formation of different companies with different production programs. One of the most important was the company for the production of refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Such a system had representatives and technical offices throughout the former Yugoslavia and abroad. One of the most important missions with external technical bureau was in Belgrade.

1992nd The technical and economic staff existing in Belgrade formed an independent company for the production of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment under the name SOKO INZINJERING. The company has virtually started with a dozen employees on the basis of their knowledge, experience and business acquaintances, they started the firm whose work was based on the tradition of the home firm Soko in Mostar, but adapted to new economic conditions and technical accomplishments.

Basic activity of the new Belgrade company SOKO INZINJERING lies in the field of HVAC & R technology where the stress is put on the self produced equipment. Already a year after its initial operations, the company SOKO INZINJERING from Belgrade has managed to self produce HVAC & R equipment, based on self construction and technology.

Today, the company SOKO INZINJERING is capable of performing both standard and the most challenging requests of its investors in the HVAC & R fields. In its production range the company has AC equipment, comprising production of AC chambers, shelter/vertical  AC units, aggregates and air distribution ducts, as well as refrigerating equipment , consisting of refrigerated chambers – cold rooms, refrigerated shelter/vertical units for supermarkets and aggregates. The production is performed in the 4.000 m2 factory in Krnjesevci, 25 km away from Belgrade.

Company SOKO INZINJERING is a specialist to perform HVAC & R works in super and hypermarkets, hotels, shopping moles, airports, sports halls, pharmaceutical factories, food industries, car exhibition halls, etc.

From January 2010 onwards, SOKO INZINJERING has become an authorized distributer of the worldly known company Johnson Controls, comprising York, Sabroe, Frick and Johnson Controls brands, for the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. SOKO INZINJERING, having a strategic cooperation with the company Johnson Controls, owns powerful capacities to satisfy even the most demanding needs of the investors, as far as the HVAC & R fields are concerned, which is quite obvious from the projects , delivery and installation of the high quality equipment.

SOKO INZINJERING experts, in partnership with Johnson Controls and Sabroe, being the leading world brands in the industrial refrigeration and ammonium installation fields, possess all necessary capacities to fully satisfy the needs of investors through a quality construction and installation of the most optimum solutions.

Moreover, SOKO INZINJERING is capable to construct and install the Building Management System (BMS) solutions by implementing the existing ones and newly specialized solutions for various purpose objects –  hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, hotels, business buildings, shopping moles, factories, etc.

Company SOKO INZINJERING has 170 employees who, by their knowledge, experience and creative ideas, create and implement the most modern and the most efficient solutions; the company has been awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers Award for development and application of the project  of the Energy Saving in Supermarkets.

The company has obtained Certificate for the ISO 9001:2008 Standard from the international institution TUV SUD. AC chambers are certified by the international CE mark, and cold rooms – by NSF standard which enables the investors to apply HACCP standards in their objects.

Through its development period, SOKO INZINJERING has built numerous objects in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria.