ATEX air handling units, either placed in Ex-atmosphere or used to process the explosive air, are subject to special requirements and procedures.

User (or project) has the responsibility to classify dangerous areas according to the type of explosive media (explosive group) and according to the temperature class in accordance with the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive, and subsequently submit the obtained data to designers and manufacturers.

Soko Atex air handling units are built in accordance with ATEX 95 and are explosion-safe owing to selection of adequate casing materials, selection of parts and components in their adequate EX form and assembly carried out by qualified assemblers. What ensues afterward is inspection of every individual section and finally inspection and audit carried out by a competent institute issuing the approval.

ATEX air handling units manufactured by Soko Inžinjering can be used in the following EX zones:

  • for gas G
  • for equipment category 2G or 3G
  • for the class II products
  • for temperature classes T3 (max. surface temp. +200°C) and T4 (max. surface temp. +135°C)

Marking example: EX II 3G, IIB T4.