Operation management of the refrigeration chambers, manufactured by Soko, is carried out using MasterCella controller manufactured by Carel or PLUS200 EXPERT manufactured by Pego. If the chambers have built-in electronic expansion valves, chamber operation management is carried out using MPXPRO controller manufactured by Carel or AK-PC 550A controller manufactured by Danfoss.

These electronic controllers can be used to manage the operation of cold storage with either cooling without or with ventilator, with either one or two evaporators. Controller display normally shows current temperature in the cold storage, but it can also show other data.

Controllers are installed on panels, next to the chamber entrance door or above the cold storage door.

These controllers have IP65 protection rating, which allows undisturbed cold storage washing and cleaning.

These controllers have the following functions:

  • compressor operation management
  • evaporator fan operation management
  • defrost control of one or two evaporators
  • alarm management
  • cold storage lighting management by way of microswitches located on cold storage door
  • HACCP function
  • option that involves connection with remote surveillance system