Rectangular ducts and the related fittings are manufactured to comply with the dimensions specified in the EN1505 standard, with their cross-sections ranging from 0.015 m² to max 5 m². Standard length of flat rectangular duct sections is 1.25 m and 2.4 m.

Longitudinal duct joint is called “duct rabbet” and it secures good air-tightness.

We have flange transversal joints across our ducts, with MEZ®-SYPHON profile with gaskets inserted into the very profile.

Soko Inžinjering manufactures rectangular ducts using high-quality galvanised metal sheets with zinc layer of 275 g/m² DX51D+Z275, in accordance with the EN10142 standard, the thickness of which ranges from 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm. On request, they can also be manufactured using aluminium and black metal sheets, and can be additionally painted.

Ducts with specific dimensions, intended for a specific pressure class, are manufactured using metal sheets of adequate thickness, with well selected transversal joint size and reinforcements (if necessary) according to the recommendations specified in the SMACNA standard, and are sure to meet the required rigidity class. This secures one of the basic preconditions for adequate ductwork air-tightness.

The manufacturing process is carried out using the cutting-edge high-quality machines and tools.