AirCalc++ is a multilingual software for air handling unit selection and calculation

The software enables easy and fast selection of the adequate air handling unit size, type and composition. Integrated calculations provide a series of valuable and necessary data on the appliance. Technical data provided by the software include: drawings in dwg and pdf format with dimensions, technical characteristics, energy efficiency class, h-x diagram of thermodynamic processes, fan characteristic curves, noise levels, weights, prices…

This software’s advantages involve:

  • User friendly interface
  • Simple way of creating air handling unit configuration profiles using the modular system
  • Easy implementation of adjustments, parameter adjustability, allowing selection optimisation for all the elements as well as the entire air handling unit
  • Project keeping option (saving, searching and adjusting the already made choices)
  • Possible project exchange with other software users

Additional options:

  • Printing of the entire project made easy
  • Software available in several languages
  • Selection of SI unit system to meet your preferences.

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