Soko Inžinjering produces packaged air handling units, namely factory-packed appliances with integrated cooling system along with the basic functional units. These appliances are equipped with all the elements required for independent operation management and control. All these elements are connected and tested by default, which simplifies field work and makes the assembly time significantly shorter.

These are highly energy efficient systems.

They are available in all types and makes, just like classic modular air handling units. They can have integrated gas heaters.

According to their manufacture, these systems can be put into one of the following two basic categories:

  • Packaged air handling units with direct expansion (dx-coolers) with integrated complete refrigeration cycle (compressor, evaporator and condenser). During air preparation process, one of the options also makes use of the condensation heat (heat pump) along with the dx cooling. Another option discharges the condensation heat outside. This type also makes use of the option with refrigerant cycle (heat pump). The following refrigerants are used: R407C , R410A, R134 and R404A .
  • Packaged air handling units with integrated chiller for preparation of cool water for cooler in the air handling unit.

With heat recovery and intelligent controller, all these systems ensure extremely high efficiency..