Soko Inžinjering manufactures spiral ducts in 26 different diameters ranging from Ø80 to Ø1,400 mm, with the length of up to 6 m.

Spiral ducts and fittings are manufactured using high-quality galvanised metal sheets with zinc layer of 275 g/m² DX51D+Z275, in accordance with the EN10142 standard. Flat sections are manufactured using 137 mm wide strips. All elements used for the spiral duct system are standard. All ducts, regardless of their respective diameters, are manufactured using metal sheets thick enough to guarantee the appropriate rigidity to withstand assembly and transport. Ducts can be additionally strengthened using either one or two spiral ribbings.

Machine-made, spiral rabbet helps stabilise the pipes and locks them together in an exceptional manner.

Along with its standard make, Soko Inžinjering also manufactures SPIRO® SYSTEM with rubber gasket sealing, which enables Class D ductwork air-tightness in accordance with EUROVENT.

Spiral ducts and the related fittings are manufactured using the cutting-edge high-quality machines and tools.