Standard execution of modular K-Series air handling units allows quality and efficient multi-purpose air processing, namely for large premises, industrial facilities, warehouses, supermarkets, restaurants, retail areas…

Modular air handling units are available in 48 different cross-section sizes, covering air flow range from 1,000 m³/h to 100,000 m³/h.

The internal part of our air handling units is normally made of galvanised metal sheets DX51+Zn275, with other types of metal sheets available on request.

Depending on the purpose of a specific air handling unit, air filtration ranges from G3 to F7.

In terms of their configuration, air handling units can be horizontal, stacked, parallel and vertical, and all of them can also be adapted to outdoor installation.

Manufactured and certified in accordance with the EN 1886 and EN13053 standards.

The K-Series is EUROVENT certified.

The multilingual software AirCalc++ is used for selection and calculation.