B-Series swimming pool air handling units, manufactured by Soko, are intended for maintenance of microclimate conditions in indoor swimming pool areas in accordance with the VDI 2089 standards.

Along with the feeling of comfort and human health, which are our top priority, protection of swimming pool area construction against dilapidation due to potential condensation is also very important.

Soko swimming pool air handling units meet all the requirements for maintaining the optimum conditions of these particularly demanding facilities.

These swimming pool air handling units allow for maximum energy conservation enabled by their five-mode function, namely initial mode, standstill mode, swimmer mode, transitional period mode and summer period mode.

Swimming pool air handling units are delivered as compact units with plate heat exchangers, hot water heaters, with integrated complete refrigerant cycle (heat pump), electric cabinet and related equipment for operation management and control according to the criterion that involves maximum convenience with maximum energy conservation.

Internal surfaces of the air handling unit and all built-in elements are protected with epoxy coating.

We build our swimming pool air handling units in accordance with EN 1886 and EN 13053 standards.

The multilingual software AirCalc++ is used for selection and calculation.