As a part of its product portfolio, Soko Inžinjering offers the following:

The rigidity adequate for the planned pressure class (which makes a basic precondition for a well sealed ductwork) is achieved owing to the right combination of duct dimensions, metal sheet thickness, reinforcement type (if necessary) and maximum distance between the reinforcements, by carrying out the recommendations of the following standards: DIN 24190; DIN24191, DIN24194; EN10142 and SMACNA standards.

Ducts are manufactured using the high-quality galvanised metal sheets with a zinc layer of 275 g/m² and DX51+Z275 mark in accordance with the EN10142, with thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.25 mm.

Our company’s manufacturing plant is equipped with a modern spiral duct production line and a modern rectangular duct production line. As a part of this programme, Soko Inžinjering also manufactures regulation shutters (dampers), flexible connectors and duct sound attenuators (rectangular).