Modular cold storage, manufactured by Soko Inžinjering, are intended for storing food products (milk, dairy, fruit, vegetables, meat) as well as for storing frozen food and for its quick freezing. They are suitable for shops, butcher shops, meat processing plants, restaurants, bakeries, greengrocers, kitchens… The self-service option with glass door and racks is suitable for gas stations.

Construction elements include the following:

  • Corner PVC profiles and angles with polyurethane filling and rounded corners on the inside.
  • Polyurethane panels are lined on both sides with galvanised PVC-coated metal sheets with protective 0.6 mm thick foil (colour RAL9002).
  • Panels are interconnected and connected with the corner profiles by way of locks cast into the panels. They are simple to connect, thermally efficient and immaculate in terms of hygiene.

The panels are provided in two different thicknesses: 80 mm and 120 mm, for cold storage volumes ranging from 2 m³ to approximately 150m³.

15 standard panel heights ranging from 1,800 mm to 3,900 mm (with 150 mm module).

7 standard panel widths ranging from 300 mm to 1,200 mm (with 150 mm module).

Folding doors with hinges and locks, standard for light openings: 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm and 1,000 mm.

Our modular cold storage are installed in closed areas, ideally on flat surfaces, and the goods are carried in either manually or using a small pallet truck.