This equipment is used for keeping and storing food products primarily in cold storage as well as in other facilities (kitchens, restaurants, butcher shops, shops) with high hygienic requirements.

The systems are modular, freestanding and demand no additional fixation. They are assembled on flat, firm surfaces and allow for additional fine adjustments.

We manufacture the side supports using box extrusion anodized Al profile and supply them in 4 standard heights and 3 standard widths. Hook supports are fully made of inox.

We manufacture our shelves for cold rooms using either inox or painted metal sheets resistant to wear and intended to come into contact with food. We offer the choice between 3 standard widths and 3 standard lengths.

All the elements of the system are structurally executed so as to leave no possibility for appearance of any dead legs. They are easily assembled and disassembled, and simple to clean.

In terms of dimensions, they readily adapt to any area owing to their large combining potential.