Soko Inžinjering acts as a general dealer and distributor for the company Johnson Controls for the territories of Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania. Johnson Controls incorporates global brands in the fields of air conditioning (YORK, HITACHI, TYCO), industrial refrigeration (SABROE and FRICK) and automated regulation (Johnson Controls).

Johnson Controls is a company that helps its clients understand how to improve their business in many ways by increasing the efficiency of their facilities. Having in mind that we represent a unique resource of integrated products and services for the owners of all types of facilities (commercial, industrial, residential), we are in a position to optimise comfort, cooling and energy efficiency to meet daily life and work demands of almost every single individual. This is the very reason why clients do business with Johnson Controls and Soko Inžinjering.

Across the world, Johnson Controls installs its air conditioning units to create comfortable environment that makes facility users feel refreshed around the clock. Our refrigeration systems also enable the work of thousands of companies which find this issue critical for their operation, like, for example, food industry companies. If you are in search of a technology intended for making your business successful, we are here to hear you. We are here to help you improve your business, suggest the solutions that promote improvement and we remain by your side.

In a majority of cases, the best solution would include an offer that integrates Johnson Controls/YORK/Sabroe. Our products and services are readily combined to provide simple solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Regardless of demands, we offer a choice and flexibility. We enable comprehensive environment, energy and complete solutions that create actual and sustainable economic advantages and convenience.

Regardless of the manner in which you come into contact with our companies, we try to make your business operation easier and your life more comfortable. Different industries and companies around the world have specific, individual needs for carefully controlled temperature in their respective plants. These needs are usually crucial for reliability, quality and value of the finished product.

Whether you need food, drinks or medicines refrigeration, cool storage or storage of natural gas and petrochemicals, Johnson Controls and Soko Inžinjering offer products, packages, services and technical support that help you keep immaculate condition of the manufacturing lines. Johnson Controls is the global leader in use of natural refrigerants like ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbon and water.

We offer highly efficient systems for industrial refrigeration, freezing and air processing for a wide range of specific industrial and manufacturing processes. We cover various segments of industry, such as dairies, cold storages, ice skating rinks, shambles, breweries, process cooling, mixed concrete cooling, ground freezing…
Our highly qualified and experienced technical and service teams perform maintenance, repair, replacement and consultation when it comes to all the products and systems.