“Soko Engineering”, in cooperation with the company “Delta Engineering”, successfully finished and put into operation central air conditioning system in a new lab “Vatreno oko” (“Fiery eye”) for testing virus Covid 19 at the Clinical Centre of Serbia.

Works were completed in record time of 15 days.

The surface area of the laboratory with the accompanying space is 750 m2, and the lab itself has 670m2.

System of central air conditioning in the lab is done with extremely strict hygiene rules and internal parameters of temperature and relative humidity. Air handling unit which provides aforementioned parameters is the product of “Soko Engineering”, tag “K7-4 HG” in accordance with high hygienic standards, which must meet systems of these purposes. Also, the “Soko Engineering” has produced and installed distribution metal sheet ducts that meet the hygiene standards and high pressures provided for this type of space.

All testing by authorized laboratories for the validation are confirmed required parameters.