Owing to donations made by Soko Inžinjering and Danfoss, the first CO2 cascade refrigeration system commenced its operation on 2 October 2018 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.

This is an introduction into the CO2 refrigeration systems and an adequate preparation for the following generation, namely the transcritical systems. It also provides a preparation for new provisions and regulations, the implementation of which is about to take place in our country as well.

Soko Inžinjering, as a company that keeps up with global trends and provisions when it comes to refrigeration technology and applies new solutions to its products, has designed and built up a CO2 cascade refrigeration system in cooperation with the company Danfoss and the colleagues from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Belgrade. This system will primarily serve the students’ needs by introducing them with the new technology. Apart from the students, it makes it possible for other interested parties to get to know more about the system.

The upper cascade makes use of the R134 refrigerant, whereas the lower cascade makes use of R744 (CO2), which cools and maintains the temperature at -20°C in the cold room. The cold room cooling capacity is 5.7 KW and it includes electric heaters used to simulate strain.