In 2018, Soko Inžinjering has performed the works involving HVAC installations, compressed air installations and gas installations in Zumtobel luminaire and component production facility in Niš. Mechanical installations occupy 40,000 m2 of the manufacturing and administration area of the facility. The facility has its own gas boiler room with low temperature condensing boilers. Cold water necessary for the facility air conditioning and ventilation processes is generated using air cooled water chillers. Manufacturing area of the facility is conditioned using recirculating heaters/chillers for high ceiling premises and ventilation, heating and air-conditioning appliances for high ceiling premises. To meet the needs that involve air conditioning and ventilation of the manufacturing and administration area, Soko Inžinjering manufactured, delivered and installed 14 air handling units, with the capacity ranging from 5,000 to 22,500 m3/h. Modern design fan coils were installed in the administration area of the facility. The facility has a compressor station with two frequency controlled screw compressors. The cutting-edge solution involving aluminium pipes has been used for distribution of compressed air. The facility provides high level of comfort when it comes to preparation of air for humans as well as for technological processes.